Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Free Handspun Draw

The following people have been entered into the draw for free handspun on July 1st.  The winner of the draw will receive one skein of handspun 2 ply yarn courtesy of The Wacky Windmill.  Keep your fingers crossed!!

*Laura Zadarlik Slye
*Knit Knit Rebels
*Joann Matvichuk
*Brittany Tuff-Kanashiro
*Amy Gallant
*Courtney Graves
*Phenixx Darling
*Sara Ford
*Sue Owen
*Deena Ryan
*Arron K-w
*Melissa Scullen

The winner will be contacted for mailing information after the draw. 
Thank you to everyone who entered!!


  1. I hope I win! :D You have such beautiful hand spun and hand dyed fibers!!! LOVE!
    Shooting {Aim}lessly

  2. Hi Aaron, the winner of the draw was Laura Zadarlik Slye. Her name was announced in a later post called TDF 2011 and also on The Wacky Windmill facebook page. Thanks!