Monday, 26 September 2011

Batting Practise

So I have been having a lot of fun lately working on my drum carder.  A few folks have gotten fibre batt samplers with their orders, and I am planning to build on the offerings in my shop by creating and selling a variety of batts in addition to my rovings and yarn.  In the meantime I've been experimenting with various fibres to see what I like best.  My most recent batt has BFL, Merino, Bamboo, and Mohair blended into a bright green & navy blend.  I ended up with 3 batts total weighing in at about 4oz.

The plan for this fibre is to spin it up into some really thin singles and then chain ply it and knit it up to make myself a handspun shawl.  I have a couple patterns in mind but haven't officially settled on one just yet.  Right now I am leaning towards The Night Before Lace Shawl by Charlotte Des Roches.  My hope is to get about 400 yards of yarn.  We'll see how I do with that!!

In the meantime I decided to use up some singles that I spun up from fibre that I purchased from Ewe Give Me the Knits.

I ended up with approx. 250 yards of fingering weight yarn.  The fibre is a very soft blend of merino and seacell, and I totally love the Sugar Cookie colorway.  Even though I can dye and blend my own fibres I still love working with fibres/colorways that have been thought up by other fibre artists.  There are so many talented people out there and I find it enjoyable to try out things that they have created just about as much as I like working with my own blends.

In the meantime I am planning to sit and knit this evening and work on a lovely scarf that I have been knitting out of my EGMTK's yarn.  The pattern comes from The Intentional Spinner by Judith MacKenzie-McCuin and is called The Three Cornered Scarf by Ruth Holowell. 

In the meantime I would love to hear some ideas on fibre batt blends and colors that you would like to see offered by The Wacky Windmill!

I look forward to hearing your ideas...

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Big Bangerino!!!

Hey there everyone!!  Just wanted to give you all a heads-up that I am starting a fibre club!  The club selections are going to be themed after the TV series "The Big Bang Theory", and will include a 4oz fibre braid in a merino or merino wool blend and will also include some SWAG related to the theme for the month!!  Memberships for October's colorway are now available in my Etsy Shop.  There are a limited number of memberships available so be sure and get in on the fun while you can!!

October's Theme is "The Killer Robot Instability"