Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Dreaming vs. Doing

I have all these dreams of things I would like to accomplish.  I went to a session at the local university last night to get some information on what would be involved if I wanted to get my master's degree.  I really enjoy learning new things.  I think that is why I enjoy fibre arts so much, because I am always learning something new and building on my skills.  Today I did some yard work, and took a look around and again started dreaming.  I saw the spot where I would eventually like to build a studio for myself that I could dedicate to my fibre arts...

Can't you just envision it there in the back corner of the yard...a little veranda out front for knitting or spinning in the sunshine on a gorgeous summer day?  Then I looked across to the other side of the yard, and got distracted by my iris flowers that were blooming.  I get distracted easily so I paused on them for a moment.

Thanks for pausing with me.

In the opposite corner of the yard is the little bunny hutch that came with the house.  Most recently I have been dreaming of updating it and making it into a lovely little suite for an angora rabbit.

 Don't you just love angora fibre?  It is so very soft and warm, and I can't stop myself from touching it any time it crosses my path.  If you haven't ever handled it, I encourage you to give it a touch, a snuggle, a hug!  I am still debating whether or not to get the rabbit, they require a fair amount of care, and time and attention, but I have been told they make wonderful pets, and again....their fibre is sooooo soft!! Dilemma, dilemma, I am in a dilemma!

After all my lawn mowing, weeding, watering and outdoor contemplation I decided to take things inside where I got all involved in dying up about 2lbs of fibre.  As I puttered around, picking out colors, and dying up all that lovely wool goodness...
Just a peek in case you were curious!
 I took a step back and said "Do I really want to go for my master's?  When would I have time to dye, or spin or knit?  When would I have time for my potential future rabbit full of floofy goodness?  When would I have the chance to build my studio?"  Keep in mind that I did not say these things out loud, as that might hint at a smidge of crazy setting in...but I did have these things cross my mind.  In the end, I decided that I enjoy my craft too much to give it up, my present job brings me challenges and joy, and really I just want to enjoy my life as it is.  So ultimately it came down to no master's at this point in my lifetime...still undecided about that bunny though!

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Free Handspun Draw

The following people have been entered into the draw for free handspun on July 1st.  The winner of the draw will receive one skein of handspun 2 ply yarn courtesy of The Wacky Windmill.  Keep your fingers crossed!!

*Laura Zadarlik Slye
*Knit Knit Rebels
*Joann Matvichuk
*Brittany Tuff-Kanashiro
*Amy Gallant
*Courtney Graves
*Phenixx Darling
*Sara Ford
*Sue Owen
*Deena Ryan
*Arron K-w
*Melissa Scullen

The winner will be contacted for mailing information after the draw. 
Thank you to everyone who entered!!

Friday, 3 June 2011

Fibre Colours

Well, I anticipate the next few weeks are going to be pretty busy.  I have a lot going on, but am still hoping to fit my fibre arts in there.  I have been polling people on my facebook page to see what kind of colour ideas they have for fibres.  I'm hoping to give them a try in the next few weeks and list them on my shop by the end of the month.  I also have a few custom spinning orders to fill, so over all should not have room for boredom!

Despite gardening and my full time job, I have also finished up another skein of handspun.  Here is a picture of my latest work.  I call it Fool's Gold.  It is Superwash BFL dyed by Sweet Georgia out of Vancouver, BC.  It's a 2 ply yarn at about 145yard/111g and approx 10-11wpi.

Well, I need to hit the road.  Hope to check back in soon.

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Fruits of my labour

Well, I have been busy in the yard planting a whole variety of things this spring.  I decided I wanted to try growing some fruit so have gotten some lovely strawberry plants, a rhubarb plant, some raspberry bushes, a blueberry and a blackberry bush too.  The strawberries are flowering so I should get some fresh berries this summer, and the rhubarb is also producing.  Can't wait until I can make some strawberry/rhubarb crumble.  Yum, yum!  Here is a pic of my strawberries in the making:

This year I was feeling ambitious and even though I don't have much garden space I have also planted some tomato plants, peas, cucumbers, spinach and onions.  I am hoping to be able to make a few quarts of pickles for myself & hubby, as well as some home made salsa.  I've set up a little plot of soil along with some bigger planter pots to host my mini garden.

Also planted some lavender to harvest this year for scent sachets.

In addition to all this, of course I have also been working on my spinning and dying.  I just posted a new yarn to my shop with a colorway that I really love called No Mercy.

Also have a work in progress that I am spinning called Fool's Gold which I hope to post soon in my shop.  Here's a little preview!