Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Birthday Weekend Celebration!!

Total celebration weekend!!  My birthday is on the same day that the Tour de Fleece finishes so to celebrate I am having a sale in my shop for 15% off of all items!!!  Sale will run from July 22nd - July 25th, so if there's something you had your eye on be sure and stop by this weekend!!!  Just click on any shop item on the right to take you there.  Coupon Code is WACKY15.

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Shop Update & TDF

Had a fun day yesterday hanging out with friends and dying up a bunch of fibre.  Dying up fibre yesterday means a shop update today.  Check out my etsy shop for some new fibre colours!!  I've got some Superwash Merino, Polwarth and Tasmanian Merino for you!

I've also been busy getting in my daily spinning quota for TDF.  I have two more yarns plied up.  The first one is a Polwarth sampler I recieved with a fibre order from Gale's Art.  If you haven't worked with Polwarth I recommend giving it a try.  It is a nice soft fibre.  This yarn was navajo plied to make a 3 ply yarn.  It came out at 16wpi and I got 130 yards.

The second yarn is from a sampler batt that I received from Nunnaba, also on etsy.  It had merino, silk, seacell and angelina in it for a bit of sparkle.  I wasn't sure I liked it while I was spinning it up, but I love the finished product.  This is a very soft yarn, and I think the colors turned out well too! This one is a two ply yarn, at 13 wpi and 79 yards.

Thanks for checking out my spin progress!  Now, time to get back to my wheel!  :)

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Minimal Progress

Today was not a big spinning day.  I have to admit I was slacking off.  The fibre I'm working with right now is a 2 oz. sampler that I got from GalesArt off of etsy.  I got about a 1 oz spun up, but only got about 1/2 of that done today.  The rest was spun up a week or two ago.  I do want to meet my TDF goal of a n-ply fingering weight so will continue to work on it...slow going though!  I've told myself I need to finish this up before I move onto my next project so I need to get crack-a-lackin'.

What got me excited today was getting the mail and receiving these batts of fibre that I ordered from nunnaba off of etsy!  I love the colours and the sparkle!!! The colourway is called Firecracker and the fibre contains merino, seacell, mulberry silk and angelina.  I've taken it out of the bag at least 5 times today just to squeeze it and absorb its yummy goodness.

What do you think?  I'm still not sure how I want to spin this up but I can hardly wait to get my hands on it.

She also included a mini batt for me 1.3 oz of fibre goodness in shades of peach and blue!

Hopefully I end up being more productive tomorrow!  Wish me luck!!!

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Days 3 & 4

Well, I got my 2 ply all done up yesterday morning and got my thread ply done today.  Still taking care of my sister's three children.  Today was a day to play outside in the sun, tan and run in the sprinkler!  While they did all that I sat out in the sun to relax and spin!  I loved it.  Here are my yarns from yesterday and today!!

Sunday, 3 July 2011

TDF Day 2 & Ducks

I have been taking care of my sister's kids for the past few days and they are with me for a few days more.  Today we went to visit the Birds of Prey Centre in Southern Alberta.  What a great way to spend a sunny day!!  We all got to see a variety of owls, hawks, eagles and an assortment of other birds.  We even saw a Turkey Vulture!  We all got the chance to hold an owl, and had loads of fun feeding the ducks!  If you ever get a chance I recommend you go to this great facility and see the good work they do caring for these wild birds.

Here is a picture of us playing with the ducks:

And Mr. Ugly

A sweet cutie patootie

In addition to spending time with the kids and the birds, I did get my daily spinning done for TDF today.  Here are two bobbins all filled up.  One from yesterday, and the other completed today.
Just need to get it all plied up tomorrow!

Saturday, 2 July 2011

TDF 2011

Alright, so a little late to close to midnight last night, but I've decided to participate in the Tour de Fleece on Ravelry this year.  Neddie and I are going to be spinning our butts of for the next couple weeks over the course of the Tour de France.  The Tour de Fleece follows the same schedule as the bike race, and I am exicted to note that it finishes on my Birthday!  I might have to plan something extra special for the etsy shop that weekend!!!

I have a few fibre goals that I would like to meet. 

1) I have a skein of my fibre that I plan to finish spinning by Monday as it is going to the winner of my Facebook page draw.  The winner of the the draw was Laura ZadarliK Slye!! 

2) I would like to complete my first skein of navajo ply.

3) I want to make a sock yarn.  Hopefully this goal & goal #2 can be combined.

4) If it gets here in time, I have a beautiful batt coming to me from nunnaba on etsy.  It has seacell in it which I haven't worked with yet, and I am totally looking forward to spinning it up!

I think these are manageable goals!!  Wish me luck!

Here is a photo of my spinning efforts from today: