Thursday, 29 December 2011

I Call Her B.B.

Some of you might already know that my husband got me a new spinning wheel for Christmas.  When I started spinning earlier this year, I didn't think that I would enjoy it half as much as I do.  This year I spun up 43 skeins of yarn and I only started at the end of May!!  That's a lot of time spent behind the wheel considering that I also work full time.  I got my first wheel in May.  A Lendrum DT (a.k.a Neddie) and I absolutely adore it.  So easy to work with, and she's great for anything from lace-weight to super bulky and funky art yarns. 

What I couldn't understand when I started out spinning is why anyone would want more than one wheel.  Now after having done this for a while I understand that spinning wool and using wheels can be just as addictive as any other fibre activity.  Learning how to spin has deeply immersed me into the fibre world.  What started out as a hobby has turned into an online business that I love and really enjoy.  My new wheel is an Ashford Traveller which I ordered from Joanne Block of Homespun Angoras.  A great lady who makes up some beautiful handspun angora yarns.  Be sure and check out her shop if you get the chance.

The wheel came to me looking like this:

It was all in pieces and unstained, so I stained it a beautiful colour called Bombay Mahogany.  Here she is all stained and put together!

I've named her my Bombay Beauty and call her B.B. for short.  I've already spun and plied 2 skeins of yarn on her and think she's great!!

Now time for me to get back to my spinning!!

Saturday, 17 December 2011

My First Time...

Well, it finally happened...

I got out the clippers, the scissors, the comb and sheared Suzuki for the first time!!  She was a very good bunner throughout the whole process.  We took a short break halfway through because she very politely hopped off the table and onto my lap and was looking anxiously down at the floor.

Then we got back to business.  I think I ended up looking more like a rabbit in the end than she did.  I had rabbit fluff everywhere!!!  I didn't get as much prime fibre as I had hoped.  Lots of second cuts which I'm thinking I'll felt into something nice.  We'll see what I end up making!  I think next time I might let Suzi's wool grow a little longer so that I can have a little more to work with until I get more experienced shearing her.  Here's a picture of her all finished up.  I think she's cute despite having a silly haircut.  I left her ear tufts long because I like them.

I think she was relieved when we were done because she hopped her little bunny self to the litter box as soon as I let her go.  Now, if you'll all excuse me I have a hot date with the angora rabbit owners best wheel!