Saturday, 31 March 2012

What's the Buzz?

Well, I know I have been an absentee blogger the past couple of months, but I am going to do my best to share a little more often!  Some exciting news in my world is that a small selection of my yarns are now available at a retail location in Medicine Hat called The Hive.

I'm not sure if I have any readers from the Medicine Hat area but I thought I would share with you about a really wonderful artists collective down there called The Hive.  I was approached a while ago by resident artist Kim Wilson of Arte Viviente to see if I would be interested in selling some of my yarns in The Hive's retail shop.  Feel free to check out her Indie Love page to see some of the other artists selling goods at The Hive.  I got the yarns all delivered to Medicine Hat on Tuesday and got to check out the place!  It is really a cool idea that they have.  All the items in their shop are handcrafted!  They had everything from wonderful jewellry from various artisans, to hand made harps and didgeridoos!  They have stuffed sock monkeys, unique paintings & drawings, pottery, felted items by artists like La Tatine & Enrapt, upcycled birdhouses...I'm sure I'm missing a bit but it was all so beautiful and nice to meet some of the artists behind it all.  The artist who makes the didgeridoos (Kevin Werre) was there and even played a couple of them for us (a few friends took the trip down with me), and we totally enjoyed the entertainment!!  There are several studios on the premises where you can watch the in house artists at work and talk to them about their craft.  I feel like my yarns will be in good hands.  Now I just have to wait and see if they sell! If you are in Medicine Hat, I would highly recommend checking it out!!