Sunday, 3 February 2013

The Month of Love Draw!

Since February is all about hearts and love I thought I would share the love and have a special little draw this month!  In addition to all my handspun and hand dyed yarns and fibre I am also an authorized retailer for HiyaHiya, Soak, and now LavaShea lotion bars! The package featured above is worth $30 and could be yours if you take part in the draw.

The rules are simple.  For the month of February every order placed with the shop will count as an entry in the draw.  All you need to do is post the date of your order and what it is that you purchased in this thread on my Ravelry Group. Items made from Wacky Windmill yarns and fibres also qualify for the draw if you complete them in the month of February!

If you are not on Ravelry then I would encourage you to join!  It is free and is a wonderful social media group.  To be honest, I spend more time on Ravelry than any other social media site, simply due to the fact that it is so user friendly and has a very positive atmosphere.  Ravelry is also a fabulous source of patterns, ideas, and resources for knitters, crocheters, weavers and spinners!

In addition to being entered into The Wacky Windmill draw, purchases from the shop also qualify for entry into the Fiber Indie eXperience Co-op monthly draw.  The FIX prize for February is a $50 gift certificate which can be used at any of the 10 participating shops!  Qualifying shops are listed at the top of the prize entry thread.

This affords you two possible prize winning opportunities!  Head over to the The Wacky Windmill now for your chance to win!!

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Knit & Ski Steamboat

So I have recently returned from a great trip to Steamboat, Colorado.  The weather was beautiful, the town was charming, and I was privileged to learn a boatload about knitting.  One thing I love about the fibre arts is that there is always so much to learn.  I feel like I could spend a lifetime acquiring new knowledge and building on my skills. 

Knit & Ski Steamboat was an event that was coordinated by Craft Cruises and I enjoyed every moment of it.  Not only did I get to meet a variety of other knitters, but I had the opportunity to meet some wonderful knit wear designers & instructors. 

In attendance for the week were Galina Khmeleva, Ann Budd, Cat Bordhi, and Lucy Neatby.  All of these ladies are so talented and are a wealth of information.  I had the opportunity to take classes with both Galina and Ann and found them to be a pleasure to work with.  Galina is a treasure trove of information on Orenburg lace as well as Russian history and culture.  It was fun to learn the origins of Orenburg lace, as well as practise constructing some of the motifs used to construct these beautiful shawls.  Ann was one of the most genuine and modest individuals I met on this trip, and her passion for knitting, (as well as for clean edges in sweater construction) was very apparent.  I feel like I learnt a lot about sweater design and construction and definitely feel much more confident in undertaking a sweater project in future.  If you ever have the chance to take a class with either of these talented women, I would highly recommend it!  I also enjoyed meeting both Cat and Lucy and found them to be fun, and interesting and look forward to future opportunities to take classes with them as well.

In addition to the classes, there was an artisan market with yarns, and handmade items from all sorts of local producers.  I ended up getting myself a warm and cozy set of mittens from a lovely lady who makes them from upcycled sweaters.  They are fabulous!

On my last day of the trip I had sunny weather and a nice day on the local ski hill.  Below is a photo I took looking down on the town from the hill.  It was a gorgeous view and I could not resist. 

All in all it was a very worthwhile trip and I had a great time!  I'm hoping I will be able to take part in a future adventure with Craft Cruises and really look forward to the time that I can!

Take Care & Happy Crafting!